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Tax Smart Investors™ Versus Tax Advisory: Which Service is Right for Me?

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    At The Real Estate CPA, we have a few distinct solutions that meet the needs of different types of real estate investors. If you’ve investigated our site, found us through our podcast or YouTube channel, or otherwise stumbled upon this as a resource, it may be helpful to understand which of our services will best meet your current needs. 

    Read on to learn the difference between Tax Smart Investors™ versus Tax Advisory from The Real Estate CPA, and decide which one fits the season of real estate investment you’re in.

    What is Tax Smart Investors™?

    Tax Smart Investors™ (TSI) is offered by The Real Estate CPA so you can get affordable, reliable tax advice from real estate tax experts. 

    Who is TSI Geared Toward?

    If you are new to real estate investing, aren’t in active growth mode, or individualized accounting or tax services are not within your budget, TSI may be the right fit for you.

    Here is a cheat sheet for “who” may be a good fit for TSI:

    • I am just getting into real estate investment.
    • I own a couple of investment properties.
    • I don’t currently work with a CPA and want additional ideas for saving on my taxes.
    • I work with a generalist CPA and need additional, real estate-specific strategies for saving on my taxes.
    • I am self-motivated and willing to teach myself a lot of the core ideas I need to know to succeed in real estate investing.
    • I have time to learn and study.

    How to Buy Into TSI

    There are two ways to buy into TSI and gain tons of useful knowledge from highly qualified real estate CPAs:

    Tax Strategy Foundation Course

    The Tax Strategy Foundation Course teaches all of the fundamentals of real estate tax strategies. If you are starting out, we would consider this course essential to understanding the types of conversations you need to have with your tax professional, and what opportunities you have to save money on taxes through real estate.

    The Tax Strategy Foundation Course is offered for $897 — head to our TSI page to find current discounts for additional savings.

    Tax Smart Investors™ Subscription Service

    The Tax Smart Investors™ subscription is a great way to plug into a host of valuable resources. You get access to our entire bank of content as well as a weekly newsletter (only available to paid subscribers). Plus subscriptions also get some interactions with real estate CPAs through our Insider’s group and Monthly Live Q&As.

    At only $49/month, with an annual payment option and no obligation to renew.

    TSI is great for people who are just starting out, who need a crash course in tax planning, or who are novice real estate investors with a limited budget.

    But what about real estate investors in growth-mode? 

    As you grow your business and acquire more properties, your situation will become more unique. The complexities will grow and you will reach a point where you need personalized tax advice.

    Learn more about TSI subscriptions.

    What is Tax Advisory from RECPA?

    Our real estate tax advisory services give you year-round access to real estate tax professionals. 

    This is a key point of distinction: we are an elite team of specialized CPAs who work only with real estate investment clients. This gives us an incredible advantage, enabling us to direct you on the strategies that will optimize your tax planning and savings.

    Who Tax Advisory is Geared Toward

    The types of real estate investors who are right for our tax advisory services look like this:

    • I own at least a couple of investment properties and am making money from those investments.
    • I am ambitious about acquiring more properties and saving as much as I can on my taxes.
    • I work with a generalist CPA and am ready to get more strategic advice from a real estate CPA.
    • I need strategic direction for year-round tax planning.
    • I would like to scale my business and need to make sure that I am making the best tax decisions along the way.
    • I would like a long-term tax advisor who knows me, knows my business, and is available when I need advice.
    • I have little to no extra time and am willing to pay to get reliable advice from an expert.

    How to Buy Into Tax Advisory

    Our tax advisory service is more than filing taxes, more than a couple of calls, and far more than what is offered by a generalist CPA. When you buy tax advisory services from us, you are investing in the future of your business, enlisting the help of a trusted advisor who has superior knowledge of real estate taxes.

    Tax advisory is a well-planned process that follow these steps:

    • INITIAL CONSULTATION — We’ll be the first to admit that we’re not the right fit for everyone. Before anyone commits, we start off with an initial consultation to determine if tax advisory is the right RECPA service for you.
    • ONBOARDING AND DISCOVERY — Kick-off call and assignment of your own tax  advisor.

    Note: This advisor will be your partner throughout the duration of your engagement, becoming fully acquainted with your situation and providing ongoing advice year-round

    • THE PLANNING PHASE — A series of planning calls in which we will educate you on recommended strategies and how you can best take advantage of the Tax Code. We will also answer any questions and be sure you understand what to expect.

    After initial analysis, you will receive a fully personalized plan for tax reduction strategies, as well as implementation protocol for how it will get done.

    • ONGOING SUPPORT — Tax advisory with RECPA is not a one-and-done endeavor. Your accounting advisor sticks with you all year, is available for support, and will provide guidance as your real estate venture grows.

    We offer three plans within Tax Advisory, starting at $4,497.

    If you are ready to reduce tax liability, drop your effective tax rates, and save money on your taxes each year, tax advisory may be right for you. Learn more here.

    Comparison Chart: TSI Versus Tax Advisory

    Here is a breakdown of the difference between TSI and tax advisory services with The Real Estate CPA:


    Tax Smart Investors

    Tax Advisory

    Properties owned


    Multiple properties

    Knowledge base

    Minimal: just starting out or only do real estate investing on the side

    Moderate: a good foundational knowledge and experience in real estate investing


    Information library, blog, podcast, YouTube channel, guides, paid newsletter subscription, and some access to Real Estate CPAs

    Written tax plan tailored to your specific situation, supplemental tools, materials, and our paid newsletter.  


    General, tactical tax advice for real estate

    In-depth, personalized, and strategic tax advice for real estate


    I’d like to spend $1,000 or less

    I am willing to invest at least $4,497 a year in a tax adviser


    You will gain immediate knowledge and understanding, but will have to implement tactics, which is an additional investment of time.

    You will be making a long-term investment and gain a personalized roadmap for success; our tax advisory clients typically recoup costs within 1-3 years.


    Get Help With Real Estate Taxes

    Ultimately, our goal at RECPA is to provide something for everyone. Whether you are just starting out, and need a self-serve or low-cost option like TSI, or are actively scaling and looking for a specialized CPA, we can help. When you’re ready to make the investment, we’re a click or call away.

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