We Provide Advisory, Accounting, and Tax Services to Real Estate Investors

Our niche expertise allows us to identify opportunities other CPA Firms miss

Tax Strategy Foundation

1-on-1 Tax Planning for Real Estate Investors Ready to Scale

Planning calls, custom tax plan, tools & resources, world class support.

Identify missed opportunities, minimize taxes today and in the future, gain clarity and understanding, stop guessing and protect yourself from IRS audits.



Tax Preparation

Minimize tax preparation hassles by having your returns filed accurately, timely, all while maximizing tax savings opportunities. 


Outsourced Accounting

Get beautiful reports, monitor cash flow and performance, save hours of bookkeeping time, with our dedicated team of accountants.


Syndicates & Funds

Optimize profit and loss allocations, minimize accounting headaches, and build investor confidence with timely Form K-1 delivery.


Is The Real Estate CPA the right choice for you?

You know there is no shortage of options when it comes to finding a CPA.

Finding one isn't the hard part, choosing the right one is.

You will fill out countless contact us forms and spend weeks interviewing CPAs because on the surface they look good, but they're not all the right fit for you.

Before you decide to fill out our contact form, we have an admission to make...

We know we're not the best fit for every real estate investor.

And that's okay. 

After working with over 600+ real estate investors we've found that investors of almost any type can benefit from our blog, podcast, Tax and Legal Summit, and Tax-Smart Investor Course.

However, for our 1:1 and done for you services we typically work best with, and add the most value to, real estate investors and business owners that are ready to scale a rental portfolio, flipping, development, agency, or other real estate-related business. 

What Our Clients Say

As our business has grown, The Real Estate CPA's involvement has proved instrumental. Thanks to their specialization in real estate, they provide value well beyond "bookkeeping" as they understand the nuances of both the tax code and the real estate industry.

Their focus on planning enhances our sense of clarity with respect to our tax position, but also with respect to our business goals. We've been able to leverage their real estate investing experience to circumvent the inevitable roadblocks we encounter along our path to growth.

Another perk to the Firm's real estate-centered approach is the vast network to which you become a part when they join your team. The Firm's client base knows no geographical bounds, and they work with experts in every facet of the business.


Ryan Goldfarb

Berry Lane Partners


The Real Estate CPA has been a tremendous asset to growing my real estate investing business. Both the money they have saved me and the value of the services and advice they provide far outweigh their fees. I always look forward to the days that I get to chat with the team about my business.


Doug Wright

Old Glory Property Solutions, LLC


Our portfolio has grown quickly and we currently have 10 properties (15 doors). We knew we needed a good accounting team to set up everything correctly from the beginning.
We found that with The Real Estate CPA and are absolutely loving the team. We view them as business partners we can count on as our portfolio grows. From set-up to ongoing advice and financial management, they can do it all!


Daniel H.

HNRE Group


I have learned a lot of valuable information that will definitely help set me and my company up for success in the future. I am so excited to implement the strategies that I have learned over these sessions as they will save me thousands of dollars in taxes.

The value that I have received has far outweighed the cost of your services. Although the money saved is great, it was the people that really made the experience exceptional. Rebecca and Ben, it has been a pleasure to work with you. You have both been very kind, professional and accommodating. I look forward to working with you more in the future.


Marvin Gaurino

Real Estate Investor

Having worked with some other larger CPA firms, and having some bad experiences therein, it was refreshing to find a firm like TRE CPA. Excellent - and practical - planning advice was provided in my onboarding sessions, with targeted questioning to ensure that the topics and agenda were in line with my needs. I feel that I received excellent value for the fees paid, which hasn't always been the case with other providers. The fact that the firm specializes in Real Estate investors is icing on the cake. Five stars!


Eric P.

Real Estate Investor, Builder

The Real Estate CPA helped me save $37,818 on 2017 taxes by recommending and assisting with a cost segregation study.

With strategic multifamily rehab and the $2,500 de minimus safe harbor plus cost segregation, taxes on my real estate have been non-existent for a few years (and that includes offsetting large capital gains from the sale of property).


Mike Dymski

Real Estate Investor

The Real Estate CPA is awesome! I could not imagine building my real estate business without them as a part of our team.

They understand the nuances with the tax law, tax strategy, business, and the real estate industry. As investors themselves, they have a unique and insightful perspective of both sides of the business. They continually encourage us to expand our vision, think bigger and to achieve more.

The thing I like most about working with the firm is their pride, passion and enthusiasm for their work. You always feel as if you are their most important client.


Brian Springer

Landlord & Private Investor