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Get tax advice from real estate tax experts at a fraction of the cost of one-on-one tax planning.

Reliable real estate tax advice for major tax savings!

As real estate investors ourselves, we understand that spending $5,000+ per year on accounting and tax services may not be in the budget, especially if you own a handful of properties or are just starting to build your portfolio.

However, it's our mission to equip all investors with advice from real estate tax experts!

That's why we created the Tax Smart Investors Subscription Service and Tax Strategy Foundation Course.

Tax Smart Investors Subscription

Through the Tax Smart Investors Subscription Service, you’ll gain access to the same strategies our clients use at The Real Estate CPA via weekly newsletters and content archives. Plus and Pro subscriptions also offer access to our team of experienced real estate CPAs at a fraction of the cost of one-on-one tax planning!

Starting at $19 mo.

Tax Strategy Foundation Course

Our Tax Strategy Foundation Course is designed to teach you fundamental real estate tax strategies you can use to save thousands of dollars in taxes and have better conversations with your tax professional.

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One Time Payment of $897


What other real estate investors are saying about Real Estate Tax Training

“I have learned a lot of valuable information that will definitely help set me and my company up for success in the future. I am so excited to implement the strategies that I have learned over these sessions as they will save me thousands of dollars in taxes.” 

— Marvin Gaurino

“I really appreciate the way that you have made each of us feel as students when we ask questions. You are so welcoming of each and every question and I have really appreciated that since investors are attending your course with such varied experience, knowledge base and RE Tax training. You are willing to meet each one of us students right where we are at and that is soooo awesome!! Also, it has been very inspiring to see the way you LOVE to teach and explore the tax code. You truly enjoy what you do and that shows in a big way.” 

— Erika Shannon


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After working with multiple CPAs, we didn't think we'd ever find the right one. However, working with The Real Estate CPA was easy, quick, and efficient. They answered all our questions till we understood, this is exactly the kind of relationship we were looking to build with our CPA so that we can grow our tax knowledge.

Dominic and Jessica Franco - Business Owners