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Tax strategies customized to your unique needs delivered by our team of real estate CPAs

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Taxes don't have to be your largest expense

Taxes often represent 30-50%+ of your annual income and many real estate investors never receive proactive tax planning from their CPAs.

We review 1,000s of real estate investor tax returns each year from prospective clients and over 80% of them have errors or missed opportunities.

If you are serious about scaling your portfolio, it's time to upgrade your CPA team.


How Our Tax Strategy Service Works


Kick-Off Call

Meet your Accounting Advisor to discuss your business, engagement expectations, timeline, and transfer of the information required to complete your engagement.


Strategy Calls

We will educate you on tax strategies we recommend so you fully understand the tax benefits. Learn how to take advantage of the Tax Code and get your questions answered.


Tax Plan

Your personalized plan on tax reduction strategies. Our recommendations and action steps for implementation will be documented here so that you can reflect back on them at any time to keep your plan on course.


Minimized Tax Bills

You can count on our tax strategy service to provide you with a plan to minimize tax bills and ensure you're not missing out on major opportunities for tax savings. Our clients generally recoup their investment in 1-3 years.

Our Planning Process

Our proven tax planning process provides you with a roadmap of the tax strategies and the actions you need to take to minimize your taxes based on your current situation and goals for the future.

Step 1: Onboarding & Discovery

We start by collecting baseline information and you'll hold a Kick-Off Call to meet your Advisor to review your current situation and goals for the future.

From there, you'll work closely with your Advisor over a 30-45 day window to identify opportunities and develop a tax plan to minimize your tax bills.

This includes...

  • Client Onboarding Questionnaire
  • Review of Prior Year Tax Return & Accounting System
  • Kick-Off Call with your dedicated Advisor

Step 2: The Planning Phase

During the planning phase, you'll work closely with your Advisor over a 30-45 day window to identify opportunities and develop a tax plan to minimize your tax bills.

At the end of the planning phase, your Advisor will provide a written tax plan that summarizes each strategy, how it applies to you, and the action steps you need to take to capture the benefits of each strategy.

Our Process Includes

  • Multiple advisory calls
  • Answering your most pressing questions
  • Walkthrough of the strategies that will help minimize your tax liability
  • Delivery of your written tax plan

Step 3: Ongoing Support

After the initial planning phase, your Advisor will continue to support you throughout the rest of the year as your real estate venture grows.

Ongoing Support includes:

  • Email support
  • Semi-annual or quarterly check-in calls
  • Review of financial performance and accounting

We have a proven track record

Frequently Asked Questions

If you've never received quality real estate tax planning or advice, it can make sense regardless of where you are in your real estate journey.

We've helped brand new investors just starting out, investors with a handful of properties, as well as investors with large portfolios and sprawling empires.