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We're a forward thinking, technology centered, virtual CPA firm.

Our Core Values

Many companies have value statements that are vauge and ignored. Below are our values, the specific behaviors and skills we care about most. We love working with clients who share similar beliefs.

Go the extra mile

  • You proactively lend a hand by offering to help teammates and managers with their work.
  • You seek opportunities to work on projects and clients that will enhance your skillset.
  • You are adaptable and open to change and committed to making the workplace a better place to work.

Act With Integrity

  • You admit mistakes openly and freely.
  • You treat people with respect regardless of their position and even when they disagree with you.
  • You do what's right, even when it's uncomfortable.
  • You keep all promises, even when it requires going out of your way.

Results Focused & Data-Driven

  • You demonstrate high levels of performance on a consistent basis allowing your colleagues to confidently rely on you.
  • You brainstorm and implement solutions to problems that are holding you or others back from achieving results.
  • You demonstrate a bias toward taking action and have a willingness to work hard.

Radical Candor: Be Real

  • You keep it real and don't sugarcoat your message.
  • Your feedback is objective and you avoid making anything personal.
  • You actively solicit feedback and receive it objectively and respectfully.
  • You take time out of your day to provide constructive feedback rather than letting issues go unresolved.

Niche Focus: 100% of Our Clients are In Real Estate

Traditional CPAs will take on clients across numerous industries and become “generalists.”

We only service real estate investors, syndicates, and real estate private equity funds.

The Real estate niche requires specialization to bring the most value to our clients. This specialization gives us a leg up on the competition.

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Growth Through Education

We thrive on learning new things and sharing our learnings with our clients. We do this through our Podcast, the Blog, and the Tax and Legal Summit. 

We want our clients to understand their tax situation and the strategies we recommend. The more collaborative we can be, the better the results. 

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Great Client Experience = Lasting Relationships

It's no secret that most CPAs stink at providing clients with a good experience. They can be the most technically gifted tax person in the world, but taking two weeks to answer an email will still leave a sour taste in anyone's mouth. 

We focus on providing our clients with a great experience by:

  • Using technology to stay on top of communications, tasks, and deadlines
  • Taking time to understand a client's current needs and future goals
  • Setting clear expectations on the process, deliverables, and deadlines
  • Answering client inquiries timely and providing proactive advice
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