Accurate Tax Returns, Timely Filed

Reduce errors and maximize opportunities with our tax preparation services


Who is a Great Fit for Tax Preparation?

All Real Estate Investors

Real estate tax preparation is complex. So complex that 88% of the tax returns we review during our sales process contain errors or missed opportunities.

If you're in real estate in any capacity, you're a good fit for our tax planning services. We simply won't make critical mistakes that cost you tons of money.

Business Owners

There's nothing worse than having a profitable year only to mess up the compliance aspect with the IRS and state at the end of the year. Minimize mistakes and maximize opportunities with our tax preparation.

We can handle all business filing requirements including state and local.

Clients Needing Minimal Guidance

Sometimes, clients just don't need a deep dive review of their tax position. These clients know a bit about taxes and the strategies they want to implement. They just need guidance from time-to-time via email or consultations.

How We Deliver Value


Prior Year Review

Before we'll let you sign on as a client, we're going to review your most recently filed tax returns. If we find major errors or missed opportunities, we'll discuss options to get them corrected. 

Once onboard, our team may perform a more intensive review of your prior tax returns depending on the situation.


Accurate Filings

88% of the tax returns we review for new clients have errors or missed opportunities in them. Our structured process mitigates these mistakes and missed opportunities. 

We outsource basic data entry allowing our professionals to spend more time on quality control. Each return also goes through a three-tiered review process. 


Timely Filings

We set clear expectations with each client on the timing of filing returns. Each client will have document upload deadlines to adhere to - if you hit your deadlines, we'll hit ours. 

We prioritize syndicates and funds. Nothing makes an investor more upset than getting a late K-1. We'll make sure yours are out on time. 


Ongoing Consulting

Need ongoing advice? Maybe you want to optimize your tax position, need an estimate developed, or want to see scenarios to help you make a decision. 

We offer a 2-hour and a 4-hour retainer to assist you with your advisory needs. Select the desired option when signing your proposal and we'll advise you as needed. 

How We Price Tax Preparation

We charge a flat rate for tax preparation. To give you an accurate quote, we'll collect your information and review your most recently filed tax return. Your price will change each year depending on your activity and changes. 

Most clients can expect to pay $1100 - $1800 for an individual tax return and $1200 - $2500 for an entity (LLCs, S-Corps, C-Corps) tax return. 

That said, we have clients with extremely complex tax situations who will easily pay five-figures for a tax return. 

While this may be expensive compared to our competitors, we provide a higher-level product in terms of quality and timeliness.

You won't have to worry about underlying basis errors and incorrect application of the 2013 TangiQble Property Regs and the 2017 TCJA when you work with us.