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Real Estate Niches: Profit from Mobile Homes and Parking Lots

Thomas Castelli

In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate investing, unique asset classes such as mobile home parks and parking lots have emerged as lucrative avenues for savvy investors. Kevin Bupp, a seasoned real estate investor, shared his journey and insights into these niche markets, highlighting the strategic maneuvers and mindset required to succeed in these spaces.

The Genesis of a Real Estate Visionary

Kevin’s entry into real estate was serendipitous, rooted in his encounters with David, a local real estate investor. This relationship illuminated the potential of real estate investing as a pathway to financial freedom and flexibility. Kevin’s initial foray into real estate began with purchasing his first rental property at the age of 21. Over the years, his portfolio expanded to include a diverse range of assets, from single-family homes to various commercial properties. However, the pivotal moment came in 2011 with his first mobile home park acquisition, marking the beginning of a focused journey into mobile home parks and, eventually, parking lot investments.

The Mobile Home Park Revolution

Kevin’s introduction to mobile home parks came from a lunch meeting with Randy, a retired banker, who presented the idea as an overlooked opportunity with significant advantages over traditional multifamily investments. Mobile home parks stand out due to their unparalleled affordability for residents and the limited supply, as new developments are rare. These parks cater to a pressing need for cost-effective housing, ensuring steady demand.

Strategically, Kevin focuses on value-add opportunities within these parks, such as optimizing rent pricing, streamlining operations, and upgrading the living units. A key element involves replacing outdated homes with modern, manufactured units that offer residents quality, affordable housing. These efforts not only enhance the living standard for tenants but also substantially increase the property’s overall value.

Navigating the Complexities of Parking Lot Investments

Parking lot investments, while less conventional, present unique opportunities for high returns. Kevin differentiates between surface parking lots, which offer simplicity and tax advantages due to their classification as land improvements, and parking garages, which require a more nuanced approach due to their structural components.

For surface lots, the strategy revolves around acquiring underutilized spaces in prime locations and implementing operational improvements like dynamic pricing and better enforcement. This approach can transform a simple plot of asphalt into a lucrative investment. On the other hand, parking garages, though more complex, offer their own set of opportunities. By identifying inefficiencies in management and pricing, investors can unlock significant value, turning these structures into profitable assets.

Strategic Advice for Active and Passive Investors

For those looking to actively invest in these niche markets, Kevin emphasized the importance of thorough due diligence, particularly in understanding the property’s infrastructure and operational potential. For passive investors, the selection of a knowledgeable and experienced sponsor is crucial. Partnering with the right team can lead to successful investments, even in less traditional real estate asset classes.


Kevin’s journey underscores the importance of open-mindedness and strategic thinking in real estate investing. By exploring niche markets such as mobile home parks and parking lots, investors can uncover unique opportunities for growth and resilience. Whether active or passive, the key lies in diligent research, strategic partnerships, and a willingness to venture into less conventional territories.

In real estate, success often comes from the less traveled roads. Kevin’s story is a testament to the potential of embracing the unconventional and harnessing the power of niche markets.

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