9. Introducing the BARRRR Method
October 19, 2017
11. Four Key Aspects of the New Tax Law That Affects Real Estate Investors
January 31, 2018

November 22, 2017

10. Exploring New Markets With Marco Santarelli

How do you pick a market to invest in? That’s what we’re exploring today with our guest, Marco Santarelli.

Marco owns Norada Real Estate Investments, an investment company that invests in markets all across the U.S. Marco has a keen sense for choosing the right market, and the right neighborhood.

In this episode, we cover:
 Marco’s background in real estate investing
 How Marco chooses a market
 Data sources and indicators to pay attention to; and
 Once you’ve chosen a market, how to go about choosing a neighborhood to invest in.

Though these real estate investment market tips are a departure from our typical “tax-only” podcast, I’ve written about investing at a distance and choosing markets in the past and wanted to bring on an expert that can give you concrete steps to invest in markets you may not know much about.