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The Real Estate CPA Podcast Crash Course: Investing in Single Family Homes

Ben Isley

This Crash Course is designed to cover the basics of investment analysis and provide case studies of investors who have successfully replaced their salaries, sheltered their wealth, and generate passive income.

All of the episode links below will direct you to the show notes where we look to move all of the important information spoken about on the episode to a written format.

To begin this crash course, we need to learn from Frank Gallinelli about all the metrics relevant to real estate, how they’re computed, and what they mean from an analysis perspective. After covering this information, we will look at a handful of real-life examples that walk through the process of entering real estate and growing a portfolio.

Episode 81: Investment Analysis and Key Metrics Every Real Estate Investor Should Know with Frank Gallinelli

In this episode, Frank Gallinelli walks through many important metrics such as NOI, Cap Rate, Debt Service Coverage Ratio, Cash Flow, Discounted Cash Flow, and IRR.

As you listen to this episode, please refer to the show notes above as a guide to all of these metrics and investment analysis.

Frank is the author of What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow and 36 Other Key Financial Measures


Starting with SFH and Successfully Scaling a Portfolio

In the episodes below, we learn from these individuals about when, how, and why they entered real estate, how they left full-time positions, how they successfully and efficiently scaled their portfolios, and lessons that they learned along the way.

If you’re employed in a W2 job and you’re looking to grow your portfolio, you definitely want to check out the episodes below.

Episode 102: Achieving Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investing with Leti and Kenji of Semi-Retired MD

This is a great episode. Leti and Kenji walk through the process of entering the real estate world and share about the platform they have created, Semi-Retired MD, to educate physicians on all things real estate and prepare them to make the first purchase.

Episode 84: Achieving Financial Independence by Building a Portfolio of Single Family Houses with Alik Levin

In this episode, we talk to Alik Levin about the process of replacing your salary by investing in single family homes and why Alik chose real estate as the means to achieve financial independence.

Alik also wrote a great book about this very subject: Own Your Future With Real Estate: The Quick-Start Guide to Replacing Your Salary by Renting Single Family Homes

Episode 86: How to Build a Portfolio of Rentals That Takes Less Than 1 Hour to Manage and More with Anton Ivanov

In this episode, Anton Ivanov walks through scaling in a healthy way that allows for minimal time spent on management. Anton has over 40 units in 4 different states. Anton has also created DealCheck, an app that helps investors analyze properties in an instant. (Enter promo code RealEstateCPA for 25% off for life).

Episode 73: From Full Time Pharmacist to Real Estate Professional with Aaron Howell

In this episode, we speak with Aaron Howell about transitioning from a full-time salaried position to enter the real estate world and qualify as a real estate professional. We walk through his journey and go through the specifics of how he handled the move.