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Real Estate Tips How to Succeed with Direct Mail Marketing

Brandon Hall

You may wonder if direct mail marketing in the real estate industry is now ineffective. After all, in today’s tech-based world, sending direct mail seems outdated and boring. There are beginner and established real estate investors who believe this idea is not worth their money or time. However, according to a recent study, direct mail marketing has a response rate of 5.1%. This is a higher rate than social media, online display ads, email, and paid search – combined.

This proves that direct mail still works and, if you are interested in investing in real estate, it can help you generate more leads. The key is to take the right approach to this effort. Keep reading for some tips to help with real estate direct mail marketing.

Get the Timing Right

Just like any other industry and market, real estate experiences seasonal trends. For example, it is slower during the winter months, while the fall and spring months are much busier when it comes to selling and buying houses. It is important to get your timing right, which will help ensure your real estate direct mail marketing campaigns are much more effective. You can use these strategies to increase your brand awareness during the slower months and make direct offers when things are busier.

Target the Appropriate Audience

If you want to ensure your direct mail marketing campaign is effective, you have to target the right audience. To figure out who your ideal recipient is, you need to consider a few things. These include:

  • Are you targeting landlords or homeowners?
  • Do you want to get leads or build awareness?
  • Do you want to target high- or low-income housing?

When you have this information, you can select the right target area. For the best results possible, make sure you tailor your messages based on your target audience’s needs.

Find Motivated Sellers

If you want to invest in real estate, you have to be able to find and reach out to motivated sellers – in fact, this is crucial to your success. Some of the sellers you should consider targeting include

  • Property owners who are in pre-foreclosure
  • Landlords out-of-state
  • Inherited properties and probate real estate

After you have found the right properties, the next step is to figure out who owns the house in question. You can do some research online to find this information and then contact the property owner.

Use Strong CTAs

When creating direct mailers for real estate, you need to ensure to include strong calls-to-action. Do not use weaker statements, such as, “We hope to hear from you soon.” These are not effective. Use something more compelling, such as “Call now to take advantage of this limited-time offer.”

As you can see from the information here, using direct mail for real estate purposes is beneficial; however, you have to use the right strategies. If necessary, reach out to the professionals for help. They can help provide the guidance needed to achieve success in this industry.