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How to Save Money With a New Real Estate Tax Strategy

By Brandon Hall
August 01, 2019

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Self-Directing Your Retirement Plan? Watch Out For Prohibited Transactions and Disqualified Parties

Many of our clients use Self-Directed IRAs and Solo 401(k)s to invest in real estate. They self-direct the retirement account's assets into private real estate deals consisting of rental property and syndicates. This type of investing is a great...
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Passive Activity Loss Rules and Limitations

Landlords and buy and hold real estate investors are often faced with dealing with passive losses generated from their rental real estate activity. Though there are ways to get around the Passive Activity Loss regulations, this article walks you...
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Three Safe Harbors all Landlords and Real Estate Investors Should Know About

Real estate investors and landlords stand to save plenty of tax dollars by knowing how and when to use the following three safe harbors. Once you understand the "how" and "when" you may find yourself better structuring repair and maintenance...
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Classifying Expenses as Repairs or Improvements

  Determining whether expenses qualify as repairs or improvements can mean the difference between a couple hundred dollars of tax savings and a couple thousand. Knowing these rules will help you navigate rehab projects and structure your tax...
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Landlords: Are You an Investor or Business Owner?

    Business owners make a profit by actively managing their business. Passive investors make money when their assets increase in value as they don’t actively manage their holdings.
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Qualifying as a Real Estate Professional and Deducting Passive Losses

A taxpayer can overcome the presumption that all rental activities are passive if the taxpayer qualifies as a real estate professional by satisfying the two quantitative tests of Sec. 469(c)(7)(B):
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Why You Need a Real Estate Accountant

  Most real estate investors (both new and experienced) have a hard time choosing the best accountant. An accountant is an immeasurable member associated with your team that plays a huge role in your ability to:
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Four Scenarios Where a Real Estate CPA Comes In Handy

At Real Estate CPA, we excel in helping our customers with tax strategy and structuring and tax compliance. We understand that real estate is a specialized industry where tax burdens often determine the profit margin and long-term solvency of an...
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What Does It Mean To Be An Accredited Investor?

In this article, I will cover what it means to be accredited and why you want to be an accredited investor, especially in the real estate space.
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