We are CPAs for Real Estate Investors, Syndicates, and Fund Managers

We're a forward thinking, technology centered, virtual CPA firm. 

Strategy, Tax, Accounting, and CFO

Our team is made up of CPAs, tax experts, and accountants located all over the United States. Our diverse backgrounds allow us to enhance the value delivered to our clients through each of our service offerings.

Our current service offerings include:

  • Tax Strategy and Consulting
  • Tax Compliance
  • Accounting
  • Outsourced CFO

100% of Our Clients Invest in Real Estate or Own a Real Estate Business

Traditional CPAs will take on clients across numerous industries and become “generalists.”

We only service real estate investors, syndicates, and real estate private equity funds.

The Real estate niche requires specialization to bring the most value to our clients. This specialization gives us a leg up on the competition.

We Invest in Real Estate Ourselves

Our employees own investment properties themselves or are involved in a real estate business.

We often find ourselves talking real estate investment strategy with our clients and, because we invest and love real estate so much, we are able to offer unique insights.


We Maintain Core Values

Our values influence everything we do, from client service to supporting the community in which we live and work. We are guided by four fundamental values:

  1. Provide a WOW client experience through forward-thinking and proactive advising and efficiently delivering on promises

  2. Build trust with our clients through a transparent service and pricing approach

  3. Allow for flexibility and autonomy through our virtual environment and technology-centric workflows

  4. Promote innovation and problem solving by allowing decision making and debate at every level


We Work Differently

After working for Big 4 firms and seeing how the “standard” business model works, we were left with only one conclusion: we can do better. 

You may see us doing things that other firms won’t, such as:

  • Using technology and being 100% virtual
  • Experimenting with tools, processes, and services
  • Requesting constant feedback to understand how we can add more value for our clients
  • Maintaining an “optimistic” and “abundance” mindset
  • Working in casual attire

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