Perfect your Company's Financial Data

Get a fully outsourced financial department so that you can focus on growth


Does this sound like your business?

  • You have a complicated accounting and record keeping system
  • You don't have confidence in your financial reports
  • Your technology is slow and cumbersome
  • Your CPA doesn't seem to have enough time for you

We help our clients build financial confidence and make business decisions by giving them the fully outsourced financial department they deserve

Here's how we can help


KPI Tracking

We leverage our real estate experience to create meaningful KPIs and a custom dashboard to track them

Budgets & Forecasts

Our CPAs with CFO experience will help you make business decisions and forecast growth and financial performance
Profitability Analysis


With our technology and data analytics capabilities, you can stop guessing and gain real insights into your business's performance

Financial Reporting

We'll create financial reports that make sense, help you interpret them, and report to your investors

The benefits of working with us

Real Estate Expertise

Our employees invest in real estate too!Not only are you getting a top-notch accounting team, but you're also aligning yourself with a firm that builds strategies, technology, and best practices based on our own investing experiences. We know what your investors want.

Entrepreneur Focused

We know running a business is stressful. While we have a compliance arm, our main focus is helping you grow your business by tracking meaningful KPIs, producing up-to-date financial reports, maximizing profit, and advising on strategic business decisions.

Technology Forward

Partner with a CPA firm that gets technology. We're a 100% virtual firm meaning we use a lot of technology, some of which includes: Slack, Zoom, Liscio, Google Drive, and custom tech we've built! Using this technology means effective communication and efficient service delivery.

Here's how it all works

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We thrive on learning new things and sharing our learnings with our clients. We do this through our Podcast, the Blog, and the Tax and Legal Summit. 

We want our clients to understand their tax situation and the strategies we recommend. The more collaborative we can be, the better the results. 


Provide access to tax and financial records

After the initial call with our Business Developer, we'll request access to your accounting system. We'll then spend time sifting through your data to determine areas we can add value.


Proposal Walkthrough

Once we know we can add value, we'll have a follow-up call with you to introduce you to your virtual CFO and to walk through your proposal. We'll then ask for your John Hancock and we'll be off to the races!


Specialist Introduction

Now that you're a CFO client, we'll share our Slack channel with you so that we can communicate efficiently. We'll also have a kickoff call to go over key milestones and expectations as well as to meet your dedicated team of professionals.


Who is a good fit for our Virtual CFO services?

  • Real estate syndicates who have raised in excess of $5MM in capital.
  • Real estate funds with AUM in excess of $20MM.
  • Business owners with annual revenues in excess of $5MM.
  • Family offices seeking to outsource their finance department.

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