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A Guide to Investing in Short-Term Rentals

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The guide covers:

  • A history of STRs
  • Current trends and geographic hotspots
  • STR forecasts and industry research
  • Comparison of STR listing platforms such as Airbnb, VRBO, and others.
  • Software to help manage your STRs and maximize your ROI
  • How to get started
  • Building your team
  • Growing your STR business
  • And much more!

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“I have learned a lot of valuable information that will definitely help set me and my company up for success in the future. I am so excited to implement the strategies that I have learned over these sessions as they will save me thousands of dollars in taxes.” 

— Marvin Gaurino

“I really appreciate the way that you have made each of us feel as students when we ask questions. You are so welcoming of each and every question and I have really appreciated that since investors are attending your course with such varied experience, knowledge base and RE Tax training. You are willing to meet each one of us students right where we are at and that is soooo awesome!! Also, it has been very inspiring to see the way you LOVE to teach and explore the tax code. You truly enjoy what you do and that shows in a big way.” 

— Erika Shannon


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As our business has grown, Hall CPA PLLC's involvement has proved instrumental. Thanks to their specialization in real estate, they provide value well beyond "bookkeeping" as they understand the nuances of both the tax code and the real estate industry. Their focus on planning enhances our sense of clarity with respect to our tax position, but also with respect to our business goals. We've been able to leverage their real estate investing experience to circumvent the inevitable roadblocks we encounter along our path to growth. Another perk to the Firm's real estate-centered approach is the vast network to which you become a part when they join your team. The Firm's client base knows no geographical bounds, and they work with experts in every facet of the business.

Anonymous - Business Owner