Are You Paying More Tax Than Necessary?

Get the advice you need to reduce your tax bills

Does this sound like you?

You feel like you're paying more taxes than you have to.

Your current CPA doesn't give you much advice on how to reduce your taxes.

Your current CPA doesn't specialize in or understand real estate investing.

You're curious about what strategies you can use to reduce your tax bills.

We help our clients save thousands in taxes with hard-hitting tax strategies and proactive planning

Here's what you'll get

Reduced Tax Bills

Our Tax Strategists will arm you with hard-hitting tax strategies to minimize your tax bills.


Consultations with our Tax Strategists will increase your tax and business knowledge, allowing you to better understand how to use these sometimes complicated strategies 

Tax Strategy Blueprint

At the end of your engagement, you'll receive a Tax Strategy Blueprint filled with recommended strategies tailored to you along with the answers to your tax questions.

The benefits of working with us

Real Estate Expertise

Our employees invest in real estate too! Not only are you getting a top-notch tax team, but you're also aligning yourself with a firm that builds strategies, technology, and best practices based on our own investing experiences. We know how to speak your language. 

Entreprenuer Focused

We know running a business is stressful. While we have a compliance arm, our main focus is helping you reduce your tax bills by arming you with hard-hitting strategies and the actions you need to take during the year to implement them.

Technology Forward

Partner with a CPA firm that gets technology. We're a 100% virtual firm meaning we use a lot of technology, some of which includes: Slack, Zoom, Liscio, Google Drive, and custom tech we've built! Using this technology means effective communication and efficient service delivery.  

Get started in just 4 easy steps

Step 1

Fill out a webform by clicking the button below. A member of our team will reach out to you shortly after you complete the form. 

Step 2

After the initial call with our Business Developer, we'll request access to your tax and financial records. We'll then spend time sifting through your data to determine areas we can add value. 

Step 3

Once we know we can add value, we'll have a follow-up call with you and walk through a proposal. We'll then ask for your John Hancock and we'll be off to the races!

Step 4

Now that you're a client, we'll introduce you to your dedicated team of specialists, schedule your series of calls, and begin arming you with the strategies you need to combat high tax bills.

Who is a good fit for our Tax Strategy service?

  • Small business owners & high-income earners with a growing portfolio of rental properties

  • Small business owners & high-income earners that flip multiple properties per year

  • Part-time & full-time landlords, flippers, developers, and syndicates.

  • Open minded real estate investors who are serious about reducing their tax bill

Check out what our client's have said

brian s

Brian Springer

Landlord & Private Investor

The Real Estate CPA is awesome! I could not imagine building my real estate business without them as a part of our team. 


They understand the nuances with the tax law, tax strategy, business, and the real estate industry. As investors themselves, they have a unique and insightful perspective of both sides of the business. They continually encourage us to expand our vision, think bigger and to achieve more. 


The thing I like most about working with the firm is their pride, passion and enthusiasm for their work. You always feel as if you are their most important client.


Eric P.

Real Estate Investor, Builder

Having worked with some other larger CPA firms, and having some bad experiences therein, it was refreshing to find a firm like TRE CPA. Excellent - and practical - planning advice was provided in my onboarding sessions, with targeted questioning to ensure that the topics and agenda were in line with my needs. I feel that I received excellent value for the fees paid, which hasn't always been the case with other providers. The fact that the firm specializes in Real Estate investors is icing on the cake. Five stars!

mike dymski

Mike Dymski

Real Estate Investor

The Real Estate CPA helped me save $37,818 on 2017 taxes by recommending and assisting with a cost segregation study.

With strategic multifamily rehab and the $2,500 de minimus safe harbor plus cost segregation, taxes on my real estate have been non-existent for a few years (and that includes offsetting large capital gains from the sale of property).

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