On Average, Our Clients Enjoy a 5x ROI on Our Tax Advisory Services

Receive a tax plan with actionable strategies to implement


Who is a Great Fit for Tax Advisory Services

Small Landlords Rapidly Scaling

If you own a portfolio of less than 10 properties/units and are scaling quickly, we can help you build a tax-efficient portfolio.

Common focus areas for our planning will be timing of acquisitions and improvements, basis analysis, and entity structuring.

Landlords With a Mid-Sized or Large Portfolio

Landlords with an established portfolio usually have many missed opportunities that our team can identify and capture.

We'll review prior returns for basis issues and missed opportunities that need to be corrected. We'll also analyze entity structure, liquidation scenarios, and utilization of losses.

Accredited and High Net Worth Investors

Accredited and HNW individuals need a different type of planning. Unique strategies and scenarios need to be explored.

We'll help you plan various investments you make and show you how you'll benefit from a tax perspective. We'll also help you understand how to scale passive investments to your benefit.

Flippers, Developers, and Builders

Flippers, Developers, and Builders need tax planning as soon as they hit $100k in annual net income. We can generally save these businesses $10k per year in taxes.

We'll start by analyzing entity structure. We'll then review business expenditures and benefits packages.

Sponsors of Syndicates and Real Estate Funds

If you're running a syndicate or fund, you need help during due diligence and explaining tax attributes to your investors.

We help pre-acquisition by reviewing your operating and lending agreements. We'll also plan tax strategies for the syndicate/fund and educate you on them so that you can clearly communicate with investors.

How We Deliver Value



During our first 45-days with you, we're going to hold a kick-off call and build out your summary tax plan. The tax plan will detail the top tax strategies that you should focus on implementing this year.

We'll hold you accountable to implementation through email check-ins and strategy calls during the year. 



Once you have your summary tax plan (or Comprehensive Tax Plan if you upgrade services), we'll work with you throughout the year to implement your tax strategies. 

We'll reach out proactively via email and hold a minimum two strategy calls a year with you.


Reduced Tax Bills

Our historic data suggests that clients on our low-tier plan receive a 2-3x ROI on their investment with us. The mid-tier plan drives a 4-6x ROI on the investment with us. The high-tier plan? 10-30x ROI. 

We take care to put clients on plans that fit their current needs. We aren't going to sell you a plan if we can't deliver the value. 



Peace of mind is valuable to most of our clients. You hire us to help you weed through the tax code and develop a plan to use the code to your advantage. 

You may already be aware of the strategies we're recommending. But in hiring us, you're getting confirmation that those are the strategies to focus on implementing. 


How Our Tax Advisory Services Work

We value building proactive, strong, and long-lasting relationships with our clients. To accomplish this, we've created consulting services that fit various needs.
All new clients must choose one of the following initial advisory services: 
  • Tax Strategy Foundation = a fixed priced, 12-month engagement where you will receive a comprehensive tax plan, multiple strategy calls, and email support
  • Tax Advisory Retainer = a retainer billed against hourly where we deep-dive into specific issues and needs

After the initial advisory services conclude, clients will engage, on an annual basis, in ongoing consulting with the firm which includes a certain number of phone calls and email support.