Does this sound like you?

Your taxes are getting too complicated to do yourself

Your current CPA doesn't understand your real estate tax strategies

Your current CPA's process for collecting data is antiquated and cumbersome

Your CPA can't seem to file your tax returns accurately or on time and it's costing you money

Our tax experts will help keep Uncle Sam off your back by filing your tax returns accurately and on time

Here's what's included

Accurate Tax Returns

Our real estate tax experts will file your tax returns accurately on your behalf.

Filed on Time

Our tax experts will help you avoid penalties and interest by filing your returns on time and providing estimated tax payments.

Tax Return Debrief

After we file your tax return, you'll receive a video from one of our tax experts with a review of the tax consequences of your prior year activities.

Prior Year Review

Concerned about the accuracy of prior year tax returns? One of our real estate tax experts will do a review to determine accuracy and identify missed opportunities to reduce your taxes.
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The benefits of working with us

Real Estate Expertise

Our employees invest in real estate too! Not only are you getting a top-notch tax team, but you're also aligning yourself with a firm that builds strategies, technology, and best practices based on our own investing experiences. We know how to file tax returns for real estate investors.

Entreprenuer Focused

We know running a business is stressful. In our compliance arm, our main focus is helping you keep Uncle Sam out of your way and more money in your pocket by filing your tax returns accurately and on time.  

Technology Forward

Partner with a CPA firm that gets technology. We're a 100% virtual firm meaning we use a lot of technology, some of which includes: Slack, Zoom, Liscio, Google Drive, and custom tech we've built! Using this technology means effective communication and efficient service delivery.  

Here's how it works

Fill out a webform by clicking the button below. A member of our team will reach out to you shortly after you complete the form. 

Become a client by utilizing our Tax Strategy, Outsourced Accounting, or Virtual CFO services.

Why use these services first?

We've found that clients get the most value out of our advisory services. And for this reason, we only offer tax compliance as a supplemental service for advisory clients. 

After becoming a client, let our team know that you're interested in our tax preparation and compliance services.

In Q4 of the tax year, our tax experts will get in touch with you to collect the information needed to issue you a proposal.

Give us your John Hancock, schedule your Tax Preparation Intro Call, and we'll be off to the races.

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Who is a good fit for our Tax Compliance Services?

Real estate syndicates and funds

Partnerships and corporations investing in real estate

Real estate investors regardless of portfolio size or investment type

Clients who have received our Tax Strategy, Outsourced Accounting, or Virtual CFO services