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3. House Hacking: The Tax Side to Living for Free

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Join us for Episode 3 which goes into details about what house hacking is, why it makes financial sense, and also what the tax implications of house hacking are. We talk about why house hacking is great from a tax perspective, and why you should also tread with caution. You'll learn what you should be considering prior to making that purchase and going through with house hacking. Learn how to live for free and don’t get caught in a tax trap that could have been avoided by listening to this episode!

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Hall CPA PLLC, real estate CPAs and advisors, helped me save $37,818 on taxes by recommending and assisting with a cost segregation study. With strategic multifamily rehab and the $2,500 de minimus safe harbor plus cost segregation, taxes on my real estate have been non-existent for a few years (and that includes offsetting large capital gains from the sale of property).

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