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80. Year-End Accounting Tips and More with Taylor Brugna, CPA

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Today we're joined by Taylor Brugna, a CPA and Advisory Manager here at The Real Estate CPA. Taylor was previously a guest on Episode 32 where we discussed his journey as a real estate investor, building a portfolio of 50+ units in his 20's and how he analyzes his portfolio. Today we will discuss his journey from 50 units to 90+ units, how good accounting records can lead to thousands of dollars of tax savings, and accounting tips for real estate investors including year-end closings and reconciliations.

As an Advisory Manager, Taylor works with Real Estate CPA clients that are syndicates, funds, and any clients with a more complex accounting system. Taylor is also an active investor in the Tampa, Florida area. Due to his real estate experience, Taylor is able to tailor accounting services and structure financials to optimize tax savings. In this episode, he provides a few examples of how he has done this.

In addition to some general accounting tips, Taylor talks about how accounting systems can be created to save time. For example, digital receipt management, Google Sheets, and QuickBooks are powerful tools that can be used together to create a live dashboard. Check out the episode for more tips!

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