Have you ever felt that...

You waste tons of time compiling documentation for banks and lenders

You don't know how profitable you are so you can't invest in growth

Your stress is largely stemming from your messy finances

Your CPA doesn't seem to have enough time for you

Our outsourced accounting service reduces stress and increases financial confidence by cleaning up messy finances, streamlining reporting, and efficiently managing documents

Here's how we can help

Professional Reports

Our professional looking reports will make you look good in front of banks and potential partners and investors

Up-to-Date Records

No more stressing about "catching up." Once our professional team is onboard, we'll be managing your accounting on a weekly or monthly basis


Consultations with our strategic accountants will increase your business knowledge and provide you with the financial transparency you need to grow your business

More Time

Ultimately, partnering with us will give you back your valuable time to focus on higher level things, like growing your business
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The benefits of working with us

Real Estate Expertise

Our employees invest in real estate too! Not only are you getting a top-notch accounting team, but you're also aligning yourself with a firm that builds strategies, technology, and best practices based on our own investing experiences. We know how to speak your language. 

Entreprenuer Focused

We know running a business is stressful. While we have a compliance arm, our main focus is helping you grow your business by giving you back your time. We'll worry about the accounting records and reporting so that you don't have to. 

Technology Forward

Partner with a CPA firm that gets technology. We're a 100% virtual firm meaning we use a lot of technology, some of which includes: Slack, Zoom, Liscio, Google Drive, and custom tech we've built! Using this technology means effective communication and efficient service delivery.  

Get started in just 4 easy steps

Fill out a webform by clicking the button below. A member of our team will reach out to you shortly after you complete the form. 

After the initial call with our Business Developer, we'll request access to your accounting system. We'll then spend time sifting through your data to determine areas we can add value. 

Once we know we can add value, we'll have a follow-up call with you and walk through a proposal. We'll then ask for your John Hancock and we'll be off to the races!

Now that you're a client, we'll share our Slack channel with you so that we can communicate efficiently. We'll also have a kickoff call to go over key milestones and expectations and introduce you to your dedicated team.

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Who is a good fit for our Outsourced Accounting service?

Landlords with portfolios in excess of 10 units

Flippers or developers completing multiple projects per year

Investors who know their time is valuable and want to automate their accounting

Investors who want to focus on building wealth, not accounting for it

Check out what our client's have said

Ryan Goldfarb

Ryan Goldfarb

Principal, Berry Lane Partners

As our business has grown, The Real Estate CPA's involvement has proved instrumental. Thanks to their specialization in real estate, they provide value well beyond "bookkeeping" as they understand the nuances of both the tax code and the real estate industry. 


Their focus on planning enhances our sense of clarity with respect to our tax position, but also with respect to our business goals. We've been able to leverage their real estate investing experience to circumvent the inevitable roadblocks we encounter along our path to growth.


Another perk to the Firm's real estate-centered approach is the vast network to which you become a part when they join your team. The Firm's client base knows no geographical bounds, and they work with experts in every facet of the business.

Doug Wright

Doug Wright

CEO, Old Glory Property Solutions, LLC

The Real Estate CPA has been a tremendous asset to growing my real estate investing business. Both the money they have saved me and the value of the services and advice they provide far outweigh their fees. I always look forward to the days that I get to chat with the team about my business.

Daniel H.

Daniel H.

Co-Founder, HNRE Group

Our portfolio has grown quickly and we currently have 10 properties (15 doors). We knew we needed a good accounting team to set up everything correctly from the beginning.

We found that with The Real Estate CPA and are absolutely loving the team. We view them as business partners we can count on as our portfolio grows. From set-up to ongoing advice and financial management, they can do it all!