Infographics are a great way for you to learn about important CPA information in a fun and visually appealing way!

Audit — it’s a scary word for every tax-paying citizen, but, fear not! Audits are relatively infrequent, and there are specific mistakes you can avoid to greatly reduce the chance of that dreaded IRS letter in the mail.

LLCs: Should you, shouldn’t you, when is best, what will its formation do for you—these are just a few of the questions real estate investors have when I broach the subject of forming an LLC, or limited liability company. To make things a bit easier, I’ve decided to compile all the important information you need to know about LLCs, and answer everyone’s burning questions.

This beast of a tax reform plan is big—really big—and it can be overwhelming to understand all the changes that have been made. Fortunately, you don’t have to! As your real estate tax advisor, we’ve wrangled up several of the most pertinent points for you to review (you’re welcome!)

Once upon a time, the BRRRR Method was the end-all-be-all way of maximizing your real estate buying power. But now, a new and more effective addition has been made to this method: the introduction of the “A,” which stands for advertising. Now, using the BARRRR Method, you will be able to save even more money, and get yourself on the path to real estate success more quickly.

There are several easy, it-would-be-a-crime-to-miss-‘em tax deductions that every real estate investor should know about. What are they? I’ve got them all right here for you, all your tried-and-true tax deductions you won’t want to forget come tax time.