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It’s not personal, it’s business- Maximizing Your Business Travel Deductions

Jul 20, 2017

Who wouldn’t want their travel to be tax-deductible? Here’s the basics of the rule: If your trip is primarily for your business, then it is tax-deductible. If it’s not primarily for your business, it’s not tax-deductible. Sorry, but unfortunately your personal trips are not tax-deductible for your real estate business. Well, like we said, if […]

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Top Ten Tax Deductions for Landlords

Jun 19, 2017

Real estate investors are always asking what expenses landlords can deduct. Because the answer to that question can quite literally be endless, we often tell our clients to record everything. For those expenses that our clients are unsure about, we ask them to create an “ask my accountant” category or account in their bookkeeping solution which […]

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179D: Energy Efficient Upgrades for Tax Deductions

Jun 2, 2017

Anyone who owns property wants to shell out as little to the IRS as possible come tax time. Do you also want to go a little green? Maybe reduce your month to month energy costs too (always, right)? The 179D tax deduction was made for you! Here, the real estate tax experts at The Real […]

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Top Ten Tax Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make

May 20, 2017

The tax code is so darn complicated that mistakes are bound to happen. In most cases, folks who are using big box software brands to self-prepare their tax returns feel that the software adequately meets their needs. But boy do things change once one enters the world of alternative asset investing, especially when it comes to […]

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Strategies to Use Suspended Passive Losses from Rental Real Estate

Feb 19, 2017

If you have a rental portfolio, there’s a good chance that you have passive losses. If you’re above a certain income threshold, you likely have suspended passive losses. And if you’re not using a CPA well-versed in real estate taxation, you’ve probably been told that there’s nothing you can do about these suspended passive losses. 

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Avoiding Tax Traps on Short Term Rentals

Oct 20, 2016

You’re a savvy investor. You’ve just turned one of your rental units and are ready to place a new tenant. A friend of yours mentions how well they have done with short term rentals so you figure you’ll turn to a popular platform and give it a try. AirBnB, VRBO, and Homeaway make it extremely easy […]

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How Real Estate Rentals Reduce Your Taxes, Even If You’re a High Earner

Sep 13, 2016

It’s been awhile since I’ve last posted. Almost two months actually. I took a break both from writing for The Real Estate CPA and BiggerPockets mainly because business is heating up (a good thing!) and I’m trying to successfully implement my new monthly pricing model. It’s working well but has come with numerous headaches. The […]

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Tax Benefits of Military Pay – [Part 1]

Jul 14, 2016

The last thing our military clients want to worry about is taxes. In Part I of our military series, we discuss at a high level the basic tax benefits available to military members.