Episode #6 – Using Cash on Cash Return in Your Real Estate Investments

Jun 27, 2016

Cash on Cash return is a popular metric used by real estate investors of all levels. Today we discuss how useful the metric is, when you should use it, and the pitfalls you shouldn’t ignore. We also discuss alternative metrics that you can use in your real estate business.

This podcast stemmed from an article I wrote for Bigger Pockets which you can see here: https://www.biggerpockets.com/renewsblog/2016/06/10/cash-on-cash-return-2/

Episode #5 – Rental Property Improvements and Taxes

Jun 19, 2016

Rental properties break down. At some point, you’ll have to make the decision to make minor repairs or a completely replace building components. Rental property improvements versus repairs have significant tax implications, some of which we talk about today.

I share my personal story about turning over one of my own units. I walk you through the thought process of a landlord and a CPA who wants to maximize tax deductions and subsequently my returns.

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Episode #4 – Using LLCs In Your Real Estate Business

Jun 14, 2016

Today’s show focuses on whether or not you should use LLCs as an investor or a flipper. We start off with a crazy story which we hope none of you ever have to personally go through and we then follow it up with a tax and accounting look at how LLCs affect your business.

Specifically, we discuss:
– How an LLC affect your tax situation;
– Why some flippers open and close an LLC per flip;
– What the cost implications of partnerships and S-Corps are.

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Episode #3 – House Hacking: The Tax Side to Living for Free

Jun 6, 2016

Join us for episode 3 which goes into details about house hacking, why it makes financial sense, and also what the tax implications of house hacking are. We talk about why house hacking is great from a tax perspective, and why you should also tread with caution. You’ll learn what you should be considering prior to making that purchase and going through with house hacking. Don’t get caught in a tax trap that could have been avoided by listening to this episode!

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Episode #2 – Tax Strategies for Your AirBnB Rentals

May 29, 2016

AirBnB is a great way to generate additional income from your non-occupied rooms. It’s also an excellent investment strategy and can generate higher returns than traditional rentals. But the tax impacts of an AirBnB rentals can wipe out your returns.

On today’s podcast, we discuss the tax implications of renting via AirBnB and how to avoid the dreaded self-employment taxes on the rental income you are generating.

Episode #1 – Documentation: The Key to Tax Savings

Apr 22, 2016

Tax deductions are critical for any business – on episode 1 of The Real Estate CPA, I discuss how important it is to document business receipts. You’ll benefit by learning about tips and tricks, what expenses you should be documenting, and how to document them. Best of all, I’ll tell you about cloud based documentation systems that you should be implementing in your business today!