Accounting Hacks for Small Landlords

Jun 14, 2017

Having a well-designed accounting system sets your real estate venture up for success. Here, I share some tips and tricks to set yourself up well when accounting for your rental properties. Create a Foundation for Success Without a strong foundation, your house will collapse. In the case of accounting, your foundation is your set of […]


2017 Guide to Upgrading Your Accounting System

Jan 13, 2017

We’re a week into 2017 which means you’ve thought about or already set your New Year’s resolutions. Because you are in the business or real estate industry, you’ve likely heard, and potentially subscribed to, the fact that many New Year’s resolutions fall flat. Today I’m going to help you set in motion changes to your […]

file cabinet tax savings

The Best Way To Boost Tax Savings

May 15, 2016

There are many ways to increase tax savings and this article discusses the number one way to make sure you are saving every penny at tax time.