Episode 7: Top Tax Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make

By Brandon Hall | June 11, 2017 | 0

Weeeeee're back! Due to the overwhelming encouragement of clients and non clients, I've decided to jump back on the content (specifically podcasts) and get information out there for you to consume. We've revamped the podcast to give it that sexy, but not "suit and tie" feel. Let me know how you like it by emailing me at contact@therealestatecpa.com.

June's podcast goes over three of the ten top tax mistakes I wrote about here that I commonly see. This real estate investment information specifically dives into:

  1. Why you cannot deduct your monthly escrow payments (insurance and property taxes).
  2. Why 529 plans STINK if you're a real estate investor or a business owner.
  3. When you should, and when you shouldn't, pursue a 1031 exchange (and a 5 minute trick that could save you thousands of dollars).

I hope you enjoy this episode about the top real estate tax mistakes. Like I said, drop me a line at contact@therealestatecpa.com if you like what we've done or if you have topic suggestions.


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