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BP Podcast 196: LLCs, House Hacking, and Saving on Taxes with Brandon Hall

Posted by Brandon Hall on Oct 13, 2016

Big news coming out of D.C.! I was on the BP podcast and it just released today. A link to it is provided below. I hope you enjoy learning how to save on taxes, and feel free to email me with questions at

What has five letters but causes so much fear that millions of wannabe investors never get started? That’s right: TAXES. But taxes don’t need to be scary — and understanding and utilizing the tax system can actually help grow your business and help you build incredible wealth. That’s why we’re excited today to sit down with Brandon Hall, a CPA and real estate investor who works exclusively with real estate investors to help them strategize and organize their business in the most cost-saving way possible. We cover Brandon’s real estate journey, including house hacking, LLCs, S-Corps, bookkeeping, and so much more. You’ll love Brandon’s engaging and entertaining personality, and for once in your life, you might even enjoy learning about taxes with these real estate investing tax strategies!

Topics: Business Advice, Tax Strategies

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