Tax Mistakes That Often Trigger an Audit

Feb 22, 2018

You can view the corresponding infographic on IRS Audit triggers by clicking here. Audit—it’s a scary word for every tax-paying citizen, but, fear not! Audits are relatively infrequent, and there are specific IRS audit triggers you can avoid to greatly reduce the chance of that dreaded IRS letter in the mail. Here, on behalf of The […]

Why Recordkeeping is Essential for Landlords

Sep 7, 2017

While important for most industries, record keeping for landlords is absolutely critical—among other things, it can keep you out of a major legal snafu! Here, on behalf of The Real Estate CPA, I provide reasons why keeping records is so essential for landlords. Before learning more about the importance of record keeping, you should probably […]

Top Five Financial Mistakes That Can Break Your Real Estate Investment

Sep 3, 2017

Real estate investment—a financial path fraught with blunders, trials and tribulations but a lucrative path nonetheless. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be as tough, if you know what to avoid. Here we provide an expert’s insight regarding common financial mistakes that can break your real estate investment, and how to avoid them! Buying First and […]

Accounting for Repairs, Replacements and Rowdy Tenants

Aug 21, 2017

Let’s face it, owning real estate isn’t all profit and glamour. Headaches happen: broken AC units, tenants who smash a window or punch a wall, refrigerators that need replacing—we’ve seen it all! But, how do you file these expenses come tax time? Here we explain how accounting works when dealing with repairs and replacements. IRS […]

Section 179: Long-Term Deductible Costs

Jul 11, 2017

Depreciation takes a good long time, which means waiting years for deduction opportunities. But what if you could speed that time up? Here, on behalf of The Real Estate CPA, I’ll show you how to get the most out of your taxes with Section 179 rental property deductions! Depreciation As a landlord, your best bet […]

179D: Energy Efficient Upgrades for Tax Deductions

Jun 2, 2017

Anyone who owns property wants to shell out as little to the IRS as possible come tax time. Do you also want to go a little green? Maybe reduce your month to month energy costs too (always, right)? The 179D tax deduction was made for you! Here, the real estate tax experts at The Real […]