We are CPAs for Real Estate Investors, Developers, and Syndicates

The Real Estate CPA ® brand was created to better identify with and service real estate investors and business owners. The Real Estate CPA ® serves as the face for our parent professional service company, Hall CPA PLLC.

100% of Our Clients Invest in Real Estate or Own a Real Estate Business

While traditional CPAs will take on clients across numerous industries and become “generalists,” we only service real estate investors or business owners in the real estate industry.  The Real estate niche requires specialization to bring the most value to our clients. We think it gives us a leg up on the competition.

We Invest in Real Estate Ourselves

Our team of accountants specializing in real estate own investment properties themselves or are involved in a real estate business. We often find ourselves talking real estate investment strategy with our clients and, because we invest and love real estate so much, we are able to offer unique insights.

We Work Differently

After working for Big 4 firms and seeing how the “standard” business model works, we were left with only one conclusion: we can do better. You may see us doing things that other firms won’t, such as:

  • Using technology and being 100% virtual;
  • Experimenting with tools, processes, and services;
  • Requesting constant feedback to understand how we can add more value for our clients;
  • Maintaining an “optimistic” and “abundance” mindset; and
  • Working in casual attire.

We Maintain Core Values

Our values influence everything we do, from client service to supporting the community in which we live and work. We are guided by four fundamental values:

  • Provide a WOW experience through proactive advising, laser fast responsiveness, and delivering on promises
  • Build trust with our clients through a transparent service and pricing approach
  • Allow for flexibility and autonomy through our virtual environment and technology-only workflows
  • Promote innovation and problem solving by encouraging decisions making and debate at every level

We’re Focused on Building a Content Platform to Educate YOU

At The Real Estate CPA ® we focus on generating content with our own minds. If we can help you better understand finance, accounting, and taxes, you’ll be more successful in building your wealth (and hopefully you’ll hire us!).

We Believe Monthly Based Pricing is Key to Your Success

We know what our clients really want: a proactive CPA who is there for them on an ongoing basis. Once we realized this, it no longer made sense to bill by the hour or to quote a price for our various services. Instead, we switched to a monthly pricing model.

Monthly pricing makes sense for the following key reasons:

  • More value is extracted by the client from the services we provide;
  • It encourages both the client and our team to touch base with each other on an ongoing basis;
  • It allows us to ingrain ourselves in your business or financial lives and offer high-impact advice; and
  • Increases transparency and eliminates the worries of being blindsided by high fees.

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Take a look at some of the taxation professionals and accountants specializing in real estate who will work with you to grow your real estate business.

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