A fully automated rental property Excel spreadsheet that will help you book your income and expenses associated with your property. Once you set it up, simply use the Income and Expense tabs to keep a log of your transactions. An annual Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet will generate, as well as a Monthly Profit and Loss statement.

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What you get with the rental property Excel spreadsheet (check out our screenshot tutorial below):

  1. Auto-Generated Loan amortization table;
  2. Auto-Generated Depreciation table;
  3. Auto-Generated Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet;
  4. Auto-Generated Monthly Profit and Loss Statement; and
  5. A passive loss tracker.

The Property Information Dashboard.


Finally, An Easy Way to Keep Track of Your Loan Balance.


Never Worry About Tracking Rental Property Depreciation Again!


Record Your Transaction Easily in These Running Expense and Income Logs.



High Income Earner? Easily Keep Track Of Your Unallowed Passive Losses


We’re Throwing In a Balance Sheet So That You Can Easily Track Your Equity.


An Annual P&L That You Can Easily Send To Your Accountant!

Rental Property Profit and Loss


A Monthly P&L Allowing You to Measure Performance On An Ongoing Basis.

Monthly rental property profit and loss